Be Easy, Be Sweet

January was hard. The beginning of February is also kind of hard. I know I'm not the only one because I hear tales of transitions, sickness, accidents, bizarre encounters from my friends & clients & other wonderfuls in my life.I wish I had some sort of collective energy reading to give you, but I just feel like a shaky baby gazelle who keeps falling over on unsteady legs.And sometimes has a fun time because life is good.But really, has no idea what's going on or how to use these new things & thoughts & attitudes I've acquired.The most challenging part of Evolving into Something New & Destined is the In-Between: Where we can no longer allow things to be the way they have been, and are still trying to let in what we've never experienced before.It feels like we're enduring a storm. But instead of bracing against the downpour, we can allow it to baptize us into this next Unfoldment.If you know how things are going to look, that is not an Evolution--that's an Old Story. In order to become something we've never been, we CANNOT know what it looks like.⚡️In other words: If you're scared shitless, you're doing it right.⚡️Creation will also stop entertaining the OLD:No more texts from people who are not meant for you.You will not close that deal that keeps you comfortable.You will not get a job, or repair a friendship, or hear back from that dude who you thought you had a great date with.This is not Rejection.This is Redirection.Quit texting, circling back, "touching base," pitching, catching up, convincing, & pursuing something that isn't giving you VIBRANT GREEN LIGHTS.(No response is a response.)If you have to do any of the above, it is not meant for you: The Job. The Client. The Friend. The Lover.Give it all you've got--then leave it alone.What is worthy of you Will.👏 Not. 👏 Be. 👏 Able. 👏 To pass you by.Treat the No's (Again: Silence is a No.) like trail markers:"What you want is not this way. It's over there. Keep goin', Sugar."(Source speaks to me as either a Southern Auntie or a Cool, Older Cousin with a filthy mouth.)I know--it feels like Rejection & Failure & Loss. It sucks, and this is how you know your Ego is putting up a fight.Flow instead of Fight--Allow this Redirection with the sweet grace that you are learning how to BE in this new Evolution.Be easy. Be sweet.

 Written by Raquel Alexandra