Gratitude for All the Things

While November is all about gratitude, there are so many moments throughout my day that I find myself in a space of gratitude. Each and every day I am so grateful for the insight that I received from the universe in all the ways that propelled me forward on this journey.

My biggest focus of gratitude is what a gift Urban Sanctuary has been to me, my family and the community that is a part of this space. When I look back at the progress of Urban Sanctuary coming together, I am so grateful for the support of my family because things got real when timelines were put in place. Without them helping out, encouraging me forward ( when I wanted to throw in the towel) and reassuring me everything was going to align perfectly, Urban Sanctuary would have just been a thought. I am so grateful it is so more than that!

Urban Sanctuary came to be because of my love for what I offer to others, and the desire to provide them with a safe space so they can connect with what is being offered and what shows up for them. I could not find a place that offered what I was looking for so I decided to build it. I always go to my family for insight and support and everyone was in agreement that I should build the space, so I thank them for giving me that extra push.

2020 has been a challenge for me and so many that I know. To be honest, gratitude for Urban Sanctuary is what got me through. Gratitude for the community that was built out of the pandemic that supported keeping our doors open. Gratitude for a renewed focus, energy and excitement so that I could show up for black and brown women during this time. And of course, gratitude for my family and the family that makes up Urban Sanctuary—instructors, practitioners, students, and so many more—you bring a smile to my lips and gratitude fills up my heart.

Even though this month is all about gratitude, I do my best to find it in my life every month and every day, because I know the power of it and the rewards it brings to those who connect with it.