How long is this Mercury Retrograde and how is it effecting me?

I don't know about you guys but this Mercury Retrograde, set to last until March 10th, has been magically transformative ALREADY!! Mind = BLOWN. If I could label it in two words it would be SHADOW WORK. For those who aren't familiar, shadow work is when the deepest darkest corners of yourself begin to bubble up to be heard. If you've been ignoring your triggers and stuffing your subconscious down, be ready to hear its ROAR! It will show up in your material world to be felt and when this happens you have no choice but to listen. In truth, our shadows are our greatest gifts from the Universe, despite its sometimes ex-ridden packaging. I mean who really wants to open the door on a chapter that you thought was closed. Well this retrograde is giving us the opportunity to grow, to show our shadows who's boss! So when you are faced with difficult situations that feel challenging remember two things. Firstly, you've been here before and surpassed it, secondly, you've been here before and know your way out! Use your knowledge from past experiences to discover the light at the end of the tunnel. Now is not the time for physical changes to be had but spiritual ones. Revisit issues, relearn and rediscover how to be your best human self. Always choose the higher path and EVOLVE. Otherwise you risk repeat and lets be honest, running into your ex to rehash your painful relationship is never fun. Learn the lesson now and save your future self the agony. I could go on for lightyears about this topic. Check in again for my next blog on surviving spiritual warfare. ITS WAR BROTHA!!

Written by Tiarra Torche