How to de-stress after tax season

There are some things in life that can not be avoided, like paying taxes. Well I guess that is not completely true for everyone ( side eye at those who do not). 

But for those of us who do pay taxes it can be a stressful time and not releasing this stress from the body can cause issues down the road. Even though we can not avoid stressful activites we can definitely support our body in releasing stress.

Along with meditation and regulating the nervous system aggressive workouts can work magic for the body. 

What do I mean by aggressive? When we are stressed, anxious and overwhelmed we kick out cortisol and adrenaline into our system. 

These are stress hormones and they are toxic to the body when they are not released.

 When one engages in jump roping, jump squats, boxing sprinting, burpees, anything really that gets the heart rate up, to me is aggressive and is a magical way of clearing these toxins out of the body. 

If being still, breathing and meditation is not cutting it, turn on some loud music, jump around, shake, scream, go for a sprint to get yourself back into balance. 

Hopefully when the next tax season rolls around it will be something to look forward to as a way of tissue cleaning and nervous system repair. (wink)