Teacher Highlights: Q&A With Katie Tovar

Katie is a Master Hypnosis Practitioner, Life & Success Coach, RYT 200, and Certified SoulWorker. Trained through the Akhanda (whole) Shakti (feminine) lineage, Katie takes an integrative approach to her teachings and infuses it with creative, awakened flows to drop deeper even deeper into this mind-body-spirit connection. She is passionate about creating sacred spaces for her students to explore and cultivate deeper connectedness in the present moment.

1. Tell us about your areas of focus. How did you get into subconscious reprogramming and hypnosis? 

When I began my coaching journey as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I noticed failed attempts at creating long-lasting impact. I always knew there was something more to transformation than what we know consciously. 

That's when I learned about the world of neuro linguistic programming (NLP) - the language of the mind. Through the use of NLP and hypnosis, I have integrated techniques in my coaching that reprogram our thoughts, beliefs, values, and identity at an unconscious level... and you want to easily embody your higher self at an unconscious level, don't you?

2. What are some intentions and goals that you have for 2022?

Connect with the community, grow my business, and sell out my retreat! I am launching a new program in 2022 (I'm looking at you coaches, teachers, healers, and light-workers...) and fully intend on launching it at least a couple times next year. I'm ready to make a massive impact!

3. After a busy day, describe how you would typically unwind?

Hang out on my couch with my pup and then getting things crossed off my list that I didn't have time for throughout the day! Then maybe a hot shower, a good read, and my diffuser :) 

4. What is your favorite yoga pose and why? 

I love Wheel! It opens up my entire body, particularly my heart and throat, as well as activates all other chakras simultaneously.

5. What are you reading right now?

LOL! Rich as Fu*k and Women Who Run with Wolves... can you tell what type of movement I'm creating yet?