The Beauty of Lucky Incense

We were gifted this incense from Lucky Incense to try it out.

The cone is put on top of the holder and the smoke flows down a hole and fills up the base of the holder.

When the smoke flows down the hole and fills up the base it looks like smoke!

The vision is so beautiful to watch. It adds a mysterious  vibe to our lounge.

I was wondering what the cones were made of so I asked and this is what they sent me.

"The incense uses the smell of burning, which can be immune to evil spirits, sterilization and disinfection, refreshing mind, nourishing health and health care. Although the quality of the aroma components that people take in through breathing and other means is small, they can affect the entire "neuro-endocrine-immune network" and are "amplified" and "extended" to cause a series of changes in the human body. When the aroma makes people have a soothing, relaxing, and beautiful experience, it is not only a psychological feeling, but is accompanied by changes in brain waves, hormones, blood pressure and many other physiological indicators, so as to achieve the effect of strengthening the body."

We are delighted to have this incense as apart of our vibe at Urban Sanctuary!

You an find more of what they are offering here