Why Self Care is Not a Privilege

Self-care isn’t a privilege, it’s a damn necessity! Let’s say it louder for the folks in the back! Self-care is not a privilege. It’s vital to our well-being. We live in a society where we glorify overworking and stretching ourselves too thin. We brag about how many hours we worked and how little sleep we got and carry it like a badge of honor. But why? Especially with what’s going on in the world right now, self-care is more important than ever. 

When we neglect self-care, we are creating a legacy of fear. This can manifest into the fear that we won’t get what we want or that we have to keep up with the Jones, Smiths or whomever. It can be a fear that prompts us to work so hard to keep what we have worked for, or the fear that we are missing out on more of the same.

When we prioritize ourselves—and understand that we come first—then we begin to see that the world is already unfolding in front of us, without our help.

What would you do if you had all the things? All the money and the material wealth, but your health was failing or you had no deep connections?

This is why self-care is a priority. Our overall well-being is not supported by a 60-hour work week nor material wealth. It is deeper. it is more profound than anything we can touch. 

Taking time out for yourself to honor your version of self-care is where all your power comes from. Replenishing that power and feeling refreshed and empowered is how the world will unfold in front of you.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be saying things like “I got into such a great head space after a deep meditation,” instead of “I worked 60 hours this week and wanna puke”?

So do you see why self-care is a damn necessity and not a privilege?

Try it. Practice self-care. Take as much time as you need to connect with you, and realize how amazing, special and strong you are. 

Ali Duncan (AKA Queen in training for Self Care)