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That elusive little thing called purpose

Oh god, the pressure of discovering one's purpose! Everybody is saying "find your purpose." But how you ask?Rest easy love, but get ready for the undeniable truth. Discovering your purpose and living it isn't for the faint of heart. I won't lie to you, if it hasn't been revealed to you fully yet, hang on tight. You're about to go on a wild ride. But I have secret for you...I promise you it's fucking worth it if you get on board.Here's the deal. Your life's purpose lives right inside of you. You can’t go looking for it, it’s not something you seek, it’s not something you buy or a degree you obtain. If you question where it is, than you’ve...

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Tales of a Waitress Yogi

I’ve been a waitress for 25 years. Yep 25. I’ve taught fourth grade and waitressed at the same time, I’ve taught yoga and waitressed at the same time, gone to school and waitressed at the same time. 

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