Yoga Practitioners


Havana Stegner

Havanna Stegner is an RYT-200 certified yoga teacher and she finished her training in May of 2019 through Corepower Yoga. Havanna finds joy in the practice of power vinyasa and yin yoga. Her passion for inspiring freedom and igniting confidence in others shines on and off the mat.

In her classes, you will discover the power you hold within, face challenges courageously and overcome fear and insecurity.Join her on your mat at the Urban Sanctuary in Five Points in Denver, Colorado. 

Yoga Zealous

Liz Schmittgens

Liz is an enthusiastic study of yoga practice and teaching (RYT 200). While “Z” is a nickname bestowed by her mother, zealous is a representation of her life lens: optimistic, eager, and wholehearted. 

As a yoga teacher, she offers balanced flows to promote the hard-soft, dark-light, push-pull in every practice. Liz graduated from the 200-hour teacher training at The River in 2019 and loves incorporating aspects of meditation and Yin yoga into her Vinyasa classes. 

Intune Wellness Yoga


​Yoga found Courtney her senior year of college while a dance major. In Denver, she completed 500hrs of teacher training in power vinyasa at the River Yoga where she is also currently a teacher. As a student and teacher, yoga had helped her find her voice and has guided her with grace and humility through life transitions. 

In Courtney's class you can expect an all levels, challenging flow with a sense of grounding, compassion, hands on assists, and a sense of humor. She also loves 90s hip hop and uses the urban music she loves to set an inclusive and fun vibe for her classes.  

Ali Duncan

Ali has been sharing her passion for helping others for over 15 years in the form of healing through yoga and energy recalibration. Thus far, her life has traveled many paths and has led her to experience the wonderful power of energy healing. Her intuitive work takes on many forms but the results are the same, clearing of trapped emotions, stronger connection to self, blocks removed, physical and mental balance and health.       

Crooked Toe Yoga and Healing

Jessica King

I have been practicing yoga since 2008 when my sister and my best friend convinced me to go. I went reluctantly and wasn't sold on it at first but something about it struck a chord in me. I kept going back but I didn't really know why other than the fact that I felt like I could conquer the world after every session.Pretty soon my life began to change, I put down my cigarettes, turned in my coffee beans for green tea and had a medicine cabinet full of essential oils. ​

In 2012 I signed up for a teacher training and completed my 200-hour training through Corepower Yoga.I started teaching at Sangha Studios in Louisville and received training in Velo Yoga.​I believe yoga has the power to change peoples lives.​Tap into your divinity, love your body and MOVE!  

Twisted Sister Yoga

Shelly Jenkins

Shelly's approach to yoga is one that honors the self, with the aim of improving interpersonal relations and authenticity. Her Classes meld awareness with movement and breath, adding heart and humor to each class. Shelly completed her 200 hour teacher training at Axis Yoga and is currently completing her 500 YTT at Kindness Yoga, both in Denver. She is the founding yogini of Twisted Sister Yoga and teaches ganja yoga classes, workshops and ganja yoga retreats around the world. 

The Ebony Yogini

Lesley Pace

From the age of 16 Lesley Pace has held a deep affinity for yoga and meditation in her life. She began her practice after a sports injury left her with a torn ACL and MCL. From there she continued to utilize yoga as a space of peace through challenging times in college and after. Inspired by the strength and clarity she gained, Lesley chose to delve deeper into her yoga practice by attending a 200-Hour Teacher Training program with Axis Yoga in 2014.​ 

Since that time she has been teaching various styles of yoga throughout the state of Colorado and is continuing to augment her yoga education with more training. Most recently she has atteneded the Prison Yoga Training with James Fox in Amsterdam and she also serves as co-director with Chelsea Jackson Roberts, PhD at the Yoga, Literature, Art Camp for teeanage girls at Spelman College. Ultimately, Lesley will be using her practice to spread love, light, and healing to those most in need. 

Daniel Taylor

Vinyasa E-RYT 200, Alignment RYT 500, Restorative Level 1 Certified, and Yoga Gives Back International Ambassador. Daniel Taylor, born and raised in Colorado, has an extensive background in resistance strength training and Yoga Asana/Postures. 

“Daniel found yoga, himself, and the power of service and never ceases to exemplify all that is good in the world of yoga today.” Christina Sell 

In three years Daniel Taylor has taught over 1900 studio classes and has rapidly immersed himself in multiple yoga methods as a career yoga teacher. 

With the intention of strengthening community, Daniel aims to build connection, create safe space, through multiple vehicles, multiple styles of yoga. Using music and breath as a tool to build Prana/Energy, Daniel guides students towards a meditative state so to enrich personal development both physically and mentally.

Soul Flower Denver

Jalisa Williams

Jalisa considers her yoga practice yoga for your soul. By combining an Erykah Badu-esque neo soul vibe, melanin, and the need for space to love on yourself, Soulflower Denver, Jalisa's community based yoga brand was born.While pursuing her graduate degree in social work , Jalisa had the opportunity to become a certified yoga instructor in 2016. She then began teaching trauma-informed yoga to victims of crime in the city of Denver. As a trained psychotherapist, she combines somatic therapy skills with her passion for yogic thought.Jalisa approaches yoga in a uniquely authentic and human way in hopes to create a "safe space" for clients to indulge in all of the magic they hold. 

Naked Mens Yoga


Manuel began his yoga practice in 2000 and found his calling in the spacious explorations of Vinyasa flow yoga. He brings a playful light-hearted approach to his instruction while encouraging strong emphasis on breath and safe alignment.A firm believer in the therapeutic and healing powers of yoga, Manuel hopes to share and pass on to his students the same passionate wisdom, encouragement, and discipline for practice his teachers have passed onto him. 

NAKED YOGA for MENThis 60-minute, Naked Yoga practice will inspire you to lose the ego, all judgment, and anxiety, along with your clothes.Candlelight practice, open to all fitness levels.​Find out more information at  


Flutura Hajdini

Yomassage was founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to therapeutic touch. In order to make this happen, we created a modality in which clients can receive touch in a small group setting. In addition to offering massage at an accessible rate, Yomassage classes appeal to more people because they are fully clothed and offered in a safe environment. 

The “Yo” in Yomassage is based on the principles of yoga: focus on the breath (pranayama) and the yogic philosophy of looking within. The combination of touch, gentle stretch, and mindfulness provide an avenue for relaxation and healing.Yomassage Therapists are trained to make sure everyone feels comfortable and welcome throughout the entire class. When you walk in the room, you will be greeted with warm smiles. Your therapist will walk you through a series of comfortable and supported Yomassage positions that will be held for 5-10 minutes. While you are relaxing in these positions, your therapist will guide you through breathwork and mindfulness exercises as they walk around and massage you in each position. You will end the class having received a full body massage, and feeling a state of ultimate relaxation. 

Yomassage classes are kept small so each client receives individual attention from their therapist. One therapist can serve up to 5 clients in a single session, and up to 10 clients if they have an assistant. Clients can expect a warm room with mood lighting and soft music. Everything will be provided for you, so there is no need to bring anything. Yomassage classes are suitable for all levels, no experience required.For more information and to book a class please follow link 

TT the Yogi

Tiarra Troche

My name is Tiarra Troche A.k.A TT the yogi and you could say I have been practicing yoga all my life (but haven’t we all). I have been actively practicing Vinyasa yoga for 5+ years. I am a 200 hr certified Yoga Teacher as well as a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. Yoga has helped me find myself again and I am using these gifts to help HEAL the COMMUNITY. To ignite the light within each and every person. I teach a safe & effective class that helps kick the body into parasympathetic mode allowing for greater release and improved bodily functions. I also use meditation & breathing techniques to help balance emotions and calm the mind.. I aim to use the gift of Yoga to help uplift, empower, and heal the community through mindfulness, breathe work, asana, and lots of self website: 

Peacefully Present Yoga


Lindsey first came to yoga hoping to find some relief from generalized anxiety and stress. She soon discovered that yoga not only helped manage her anxiety, but it completely changed her life. Through yoga and meditation, she was able to quiet her mind, peel away the layers of what and whom she thought she was supposed to be, and discover her true self. Above all, she learned how to be present and it opened her eyes to a world she didn’t even know existed. 

Passionate about the difference yoga has made in her own life, Lindsey helps others alleviate their stress and anxiety through the principles and practice of yoga and meditation. She loves teaching simple, yet effective ways to calm the mind and body, that can be easily implemented in everyday life. She wants to help people discover themselves and all they are capable of…in life and on their yoga mat. 

 Lindsey graduated from Green Lotus Yoga and Healing Center’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program in 2012 and their 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program in 2016. She is a RYT 500 Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Lindsey is a Reiki Master and loves incorporating Reiki into her yoga classes. 

 Lindsey is an avid animal lover and can be found trying to befriend every dog, cat or animal she meets. She loves hiking, photography, playing the ukulele, dancing (as much an as often as possible), singing and jazz hands.Lindsey believes that if everyone took just five minutes a day to slow down, breathe, and be still with themselves and their thoughts that the world would be a more peaceful place. She believes that yoga can change the world, one person at a time and that everyone should own at least one cat.Link to website:  

Soul En Route Yoga

sARA Anderson

Sara found her soul journey with yoga in 2012 when she began participating in community-based classes. She noticed how free she felt from herself after each class and, as someone who battles with anxiety, yoga helped Sara to release. Despite the benefits she found from yoga, Sara noticed that when she entered westernized spaces of practice, she oftentimes felt invisible or isolated as she was often the only womyn of color. Passionate about social justice and creating space for POC, Sara decided that instead of "asking for a seat at the table, I will become my own damn table!" 

Enter her yoga organization, Soul En Route Yoga (pronounced Soul On Root): A space where womyn* of color can focus on the within, release, and find nourishment for their soul, mind, body, and well-being. 

As a certified 200 hour yoga instructor, Sara brings yoga to communities of color. Her style is vinyasa flow (breath to movement) themed with Neo-Soul/R&B music that focuses on the intersections of body, mind, spirit, and the environment which we are in. Her classes are described as accessible, inclusive, warm and inviting and are suitable for all body types, and ability levels. 

*womyn: to resist the binary and honor the many ways we show up. This includes all sexualities, genders, gender non-conforming and trans folx too.

Vibe High Yoga


Samantha, originally from Philadelphia, has been a practicing RN for over 10 years, with enhanced education as a Cannabis Nurse. She has helped and saved more people than she can count over the years as an RN, and wouldn’t trade any of it. However, as Samantha says, "When you work in the healthcare system this long, you start to see the broken pieces, and how the broken pieces create a broken system. This isn't healthcare. It's sick care." Samantha is ready to begin the transition from "sick care" to wellness, and share her knowledge of yoga, pranayama, meditation, and cannabis with the Urban Sanctuary community. 

 Samantha recently traveled to Bali, Indonesia and obtained her Yoga Alliance 200 RYT. Formally trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Samantha creates unique flows that will leave you feeling refreshed and reconnected.Samantha's classes will focus on a Vinyasa style opening-connecting breath to movement, and ending with restorative yin-connecting mind to body. 

As a certified Cannabis Nurse, Samantha has a unique understanding of the relationship of cannabis to the human body and loves to share her knowledge. These classes offer the unique opportunity to combine cannabis with yoga. Arrive early and BYOC. 

 These classes are private events and by invite only. ID will be checked at the door.Follow for invite details.

Kim Merriman

Kim was initially drawn to yoga during her earlier years as a ballet dancer as a way to cross train and recover from injuries, but it wasn't until several years later that she soon discovered there was so much more to yoga than just a good workout and laying in savasana at the end of class. She found yoga as a healthy outlet to reduce stress and anxiety and really started to discover what it meant to "go inward" and discover the quiet of the inner self. Yoga has allowed her to embrace letting go of things that do not serve oneself and to have an open mind and work towards manifesting the path and life you want. Having experienced such a dramatic shift during her yoga practice, Kim wanted to share this experience with others and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Brett Larkin in summer of 2018. Her classes are upbeat and challenging, but also with a focus on meditation, breathwork and trying to quiet the inner "monkey mind" that we all experience on a daily basis. She wants to be able to have her students experience the calm sense they feel at the end of yoga class all throughout their day and to be able to have the skills to tap into this on their own when needed. As both a student and a teacher, Kim continues to grow her daily yoga practice and to pass along her knowledge to others. She will also be continuing her yoga teacher education with the start of her 300 hour certification in September 2019.